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Many people remembered Jackson as a war hero because of his victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans. People looked at Jackson as the common man because of his childhood and the way he made his name known. Many people gave Jackson the nickname Old Hickory because he was tough and unbreakable. The act would stay in effect until the end of the Second Seminole War in He believed that everything he worked and stood for was for the well being of the average people. While George Washington was one to veto a bill based on whether a ruling truly defied constitutionality, Jackson broke this famous precedent established by George Washington himself and took it into his hands to veto a.

Was Andrew Jackson A Bad President Essay

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The Indians had the right to keep their land but president Jackson took their land away. The Indians also had their rights being violated by the government in other ways. In America History of our Nation their rights were also being violated because the government had a law signed forcing the Creeks to give up most of their land page Their rights were again being violated, showing another reason why the Indian Removal Act should not have been. In , encouraged by President Andrew Jackson, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act which gave the federal government the power to relocate any Native Americans in the east to territory that was west of the Mississippi River.

Positive and negative effects of Jackson’s presidency

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Should Andrew Jackson be revered or reviled? Known as a strong-willed, argumentative and combative personality, Jackson, who served as president from to , inspires conflicting reactions. Critics say it's wrong to valorize him since he owned enslaved people, treated them harshly and forced Native Americans to be removed from their ancestral lands, causing thousands of deaths. The Hermitage near Nashville, Tennessee.
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