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Salt inhibits microbial growth by plasmolysis. In other words, water is drawn out of the microbial cell by osmosis due to the higher concentration of salt outside the cell. A cell loses water until it reaches a state first where it cannot grow and cannot survive any longer. The concentration of salt outside of a microorganism needed to inhibit growth by plasmolysis depends on the genus and species of the microorganism. Fortunately the growth of many undesirable organisms normally found in cured meat and poultry products is inhibited at relatively low concentrations of salt USDA FSIS a. Salting can be accomplished by adding salt dry or in brine to meats.

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Multiple sclerosis MS is the most common autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system, resulting in damage of the myelin sheaths that insulate axons in the brain and spinal cord. The terminology, theoretical constructs and philosophies may differ; however, dry needling and acupuncture overlap in terms of needling technique with the use of thin monofilament needles. Given that dry needling was incorrectly classified in by the American Physical Therapy Association as a treatment exclusively for the deactivation of muscular trigger points in individuals with myofascial pain syndromes 18 i. A number of studies have used electroacupuncture in animal models to help alter immune processes and factors of inflammation related to MS.

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Dry eye disease is a common condition that occurs when your tears aren't able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes. Tears can be inadequate and unstable for many reasons. For example, dry eyes may occur if you don't produce enough tears or if you produce poor-quality tears. This tear instability leads to inflammation and damage of the eye's surface. Dry eyes feel uncomfortable.
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