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This site has been designed to help with primary and secondary school maths. Although the site is in its infancy, there are already a wide variety of resources that are aimed at students who are starting to learn maths in the early primary school years, through to students aiming for top grades at GCSE The questions within these resources whether printable or online are carefully thought-out and include subtle variation which requires students to think carefully about what they are doing. This site is for you if you are either a teacher looking for help with resources for your lessons, or if you are a student looking for some extra guidance and practice. The resources can be accessed by topic by selecting the appropriate menus at the top of the page, but if you want a specific type of resource, then you can select one of the dashboards below. These worksheets contain carefully thought-out questions that are designed for the different stages of learning a topic.

A maths homework help guide for KS1 and KS2

KS2 students can refine their skills to achieve the much-desired Mathematical Whizz Kid status. Some of this stuff gets tricky. Really tricky. And then it will happen.
Target Your Maths has been written to provide a straightforward manageable structure to help teachers plan and teach the Programme of Study for Mathematics in the renewed National Curriculum Framework. The Practice Workbook is intended to provide pupils with the material to consolidate their learning, whether used in the classroom or at home. The Practice Workbook is based solely upon the requirements for the year of the pupils, the ability level covered by Section B of Target your Maths textbooks.
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