Case study on scripting languages

Include Synonyms Include Dead terms. Peer reviewed Direct link. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia , v19 n3 p Aug Teaching computer programming to young children has been considered difficult because of its abstract and complex nature. The objectives of this study are 1 to investigate whether an innovative educational technology tool called Scratch could enable young children to learn abstract knowledge of computer programming while creating multimedia products, and 2 to identify difficult computer programming concepts and skills for young children to understand.

What Is a Scripting Language?

Python case study

The development and software testing are the areas of the IT sphere which are tightly interrelated. And in order to effectively perform mobile testing or website testing , the QA specialists should be familiar with the core principles of programming. One should have a good look through it. So , s cript is a set of program instructions which are executed in the interpretive mode during the program run. Scripting languages just interpret the scripts during the program run.

Why Do We Need the Scripting Languages?

Designing with minilanguages involves two distinct challenges. One is having existing minilanguages handy in your toolkit, and recognizing when they can be applied as-is. The other is knowing when it is appropriate to design a custom minilanguage for an application. To help you develop both aspects of your design sense, about half of this chapter will consist of case studies. The SNG data-file format is worth reexamining for contrast here because it is not quite a domain-specific minilanguage.
Compiled Languages Computers do not actually understand the code we write. We need to translate our human-readable code to machine-readable code. Our code need to be translated into bits and bytes that can be executed by computers. This translation process is called compilation.
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