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Although human genetic engineering might seem attractive for these reasons, it should not be done because it defies nature, leads to less diversity and raises moral and ethical concerns. Scientists are messing with nature in the process of human genetic engineering. There is a. The third pro is that animals are great to research on becaus

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A GMO is a genetically modified organism. Also genetically modified organisms have a lot of benefits to the like making more with less or getting bigger food also these benefits are not just for plants but for for people bugs insects and all living organisms. But There are Also a lot of concerns for genetically modified organisms because we are making the food in a lab and not naturally growing it and also that it can cause cancer or that it can produce super weeds and many more. Less land and herbicides are needed to grow resulting in huge benefits for the environment, consumers, and growers. Our world needs GMOs.

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Therefore, America and other countries alike should entirely ban the production of genetically modified foods from their food industry. The human body wants to naturally reject the foreign proteins injected into GM crops intended for herbicide tolerance. But these GM foods that are being consumed still leave traces of these man-made proteins and they remain alive and functioning in the body.
Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Genetic modification is becoming closer and closer to an everyday possibility. With this possibility comes a whirlwind of possible effects, both positive and negative.
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