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Essay Examples on Hunting. Essay examples. Hunting: A Tradition of Controversy A tradition that has been practiced since the beginning of mankind is now being questioned by many as to if it is still necessary in our modern world. This long-held human tradition is hunting. Many questions have arose in recent Hunting 1 Page.

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Hunting has always been one of my biggest interest, especially deer. It excites me, because anything could happen at anytime. Hunting is a passion for many people, and can be passed down from generation to generation like in my family. My grandfather started hunting after he married my grandmother, and he passed it on to my father, and then down to me. My last deer hunting experience was probably the best. My father and I woke up early, and everyone is still sleeping in the house. We start to get.

Narrative essay about duck hunting

So I did what he said. I put the gun back up and did everything accordingly. This time when I pulled the trigger the deer kicked its back legs and I quickly put another bullet in the gun. I listened to hear if I could hear the deer running, but I listened, and I heard nothing.
My love for hunting started when my dad took me with him for the first time when I was five. As we sat in the cold, dark forest, my young mind could not be any more excited as I took in the sights, smells and sounds the forest offered to me. That particular hunt we did not get lucky enough to harvest a deer, probably due to the fact that I could not keep still, but I did not care I loved the placidity the forest provided to a hunter. Hunting had become a. As we sat in the cold, dark forest my young mind could not be any more excited as I took in the sights, smells and sounds the forest offered to me.
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