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The cochlear implant is surgically implanted under the skin behind the ear. The surgeon puts the electrode array inside the inner ear and than inside the cochlea. The implant works by a device outside the ear, which rests on the skin behind the ear. It is held upright by a magnet and is also connected by a lead to a sound. A deaf woman, she had never before been able to comprehend her boyfriend's voice, and to her amazement she heard his first words proclaiming the desire to begin the rest of their lives together. This miraculous moment was made possible because of cochlear implants recent inception; and ability to stimulate the innards of one's ear in order to develop a sensitivity to sound.

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Science Reference Center. Larkcom, J. I think they would want the child to be deaf because of who is going to teach the child to talk. Also, an objection can be that couples can chose their embryos based on eyes and other characteristics, which should be placed on the same pedestal as choosing a deaf embryo. When a deaf embryo is selected when can think of it as child, family, society, and how other children view the child. When the embryo is selected for the child gets to live the best life possible for them.

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This page of the essay has words. Download the full version above. This electronic medical device does the work of damaged parts of the cochlea to provide sound signals to the brains of patients with moderate to profound hearing loss [Cochlear Source]. Children as young as 12 months old and adults are eligible to receive CIs if they fit a certain criteria describing profound hearing loss CITE.
We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Cochlear implant Cochlear implant is one undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions designed to benefit the deaf community. A cochlear implant is a device implanted internally behind a deaf persons ear with an external microphone, and is designed to provide artificial sounds to people who have nerve deafness in both ears and show no ability to understand speech through hearing aids. In other vein, a cochlear implant is an electronic device that restores hearing for people anywhere from hard of hearing to the profoundly deaf.
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