Essay on control of water pollution

If a filter is built for the polluted water, the Water Pollution Introduction There are more things affect earth bad and make environment polluted like wastes, plastics, smokes and much more Some of them may not damage our health in a direct manner but could be harmful after lo It took about four to five hours. We stayed in a 3 star hotel with four bedrooms.

Essay on Controlling Water Pollution (402 Words)

Essay on Water Pollution : Causes, Effects & Solutions

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What Is Water Pollution Control & How Does It Work

Control of water pollution is the demand of the day. Cooperation of the common man, social organizations, national government and non-governmental organizations, is required for controlling water pollution through different curative measures. The government should also take suitable steps for controlling water pollution by framing laws and enforcing them strictly.
This occurs because of industrial waste dumped into rivers and other water bodies cause an imbalance in the water leading to severe contamination and death of aquatic species. Pollution: Causes and Effects Another form of water pollution is spraying insecticides, pesticides on plants pollutes the groundwater system and oil spills in the oceans have caused irreparable damage to the water bodies. Pollution: Causes and Effects Eutrophication, is caused by the daily activities that people do like. The unique characteristic of water is water molecule is the only substance in this Earth that exist in all three physical states of matter which are solid, liquid and gas. All human beings need water to survive.
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