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Jump to navigation. The main purpose of The Cochrane Collaboration is to develop systematic reviews of the strongest evidence available about healthcare interventions. Consumers and health practitioners can then work together to make the best possible decisions about health care. The reviews are published electronically within The Cochrane Library and are freely accessible in shortened versions abstracts and consumer summaries. The reality is that keeping up-to-date with the latest health care is a serious challenge for healthcare providers.

About The Cochrane Collaboration

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Jump to navigation. It has long been recognized that only a proportion of research projects ultimately reach publication in an indexed journal and thus become easily identifiable for systematic reviews. The contribution made to the totality of the evidence in systematic reviews by studies with non-significant results is as important as that from studies with statistically significant results. Type of reporting bias. Publication bias.

Proposing a Cochrane Review

Several studies have discussed the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration in primary care. However, what remains unclear is how collaboration is undertaken in a multidisciplinary manner in concrete terms. To identify how multidisciplinary teams in primary care collaborate, in regards to the professionals involved in the teams and the collaborative activities that take place, and determine whether these characteristics and practices are present across disciplines and whether collaboration affects clinical outcomes.
Background: Reducing saturated fat reduces serum cholesterol, but effects on other intermediate outcomes may be less clear. Additionally it is unclear whether the energy from saturated fats that are lost in the diet are more helpfully replaced by polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats, carbohydrate or protein. This review is part of a series split from and updating an overarching review. We also checked references of included studies and reviews.
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